About Me

Welcome to my Blog which will cover Geek Stuff in my life, mainly related to Windows and Microsoft infrastructure things that I find interesting in my line of work.

Just a head’s up as to what you can except here.

What is The Goal of the Enterprise Daddy website?
To be the source of the articles for Enterprise Admins anywhere, which is easy enough to understand even for the beginners but useful enough for the experienced Admins.

Can I email you a question?
Absolutely yes! I will try my best to answer your questions in the most accurate manner possible.

Note: Most often, you will find the answers on Google.

Why did I start this website?
I started this website to help the Admins out there in need of articles related to their day-to-day job. Internet is a big place where you can often get lost to find the answers you need. My goal is to give you the answers in simplest of ways possible and at one common place.

Can I write For Enterprise Daddy?
Absolutely! Send me an email and I will get you up and running!

Can I Republish Your Articles On My Site?
It takes a lot of time and effort to create and publish the articles. However you can linkback the content to the website and proper credit needs to be given.

Can I Translate Your Articles?
You are welcome to translate the articles into another language as long as you follow a couple of rules:

  • You cannot use our images.
  • You must link back to the original article.

Where Do you Get Your Article Ideas?
My personal experience in the tech world.